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What does the silk momme mean?

The momme is an imperial unit of measurement which allows the density of the silk to be defined and thus the quality of the fabric to be evaluated.

Indeed, knowing the momme of the silk will help to determine its weight before buying it, and you will be able to estimate its thickness and part of its quality.

- 1 momme = 4.3056 g / m²

- 22 mommes = 94.7232 g / m²

- 25 mommes = 107.64 g / m²

So, ideal for linens and silk bed linens is from 19MM up to 25MM. It is a quality of silk that lasts the longest with an interview that respects the advice already quoted in our blog, we can speak in years.

The price of silk increases with the increase in the number of men, which is normal. In the market, there are many quality silk, beware of imitations! or even synthetic

Finally, you should know that satin is not a fabric, but rather a way of weaving. There are several types of satin: silk satin which is silk, cotton satin and synthetic satin which is mainly made of polyster and does not have any of the qualities of silk.

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