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How to take care of my silk products?

Silk is beautiful ... Silk is precious ... Silk is fragile! The best way for washing silk is by hands using a soft liquid detergent or simply soft soap (Marseille), in what follows we o present some maintenance advices and tips to preserve silk quality for a longest time.

- Silk fabrics can also be washed with shampoo with some white vinegar to preserve silk shining!

- Never use hot water to clean silk products.

- Avoid rubbing while washing silk, instead, you can simply let the silk soak in soapy water, but no longer than 5 minutes, and then rinse it thoroughly in cold water.

- Do not twist your silk item to remove most of the water.

- Avoid exposing the silk to the sun or near a radiator.

- In order to recover the shiny and soft texture of silk, it is mandatory to iron it.

- To iron silk safely, set your iron to a low temperature, then iron the still damp garment inside out.

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